Energy & Environment


For centuries, Native Hawaiians understood the importance of conservation and protecting our aina. Today, many in Hawaii carry on this principle through their families and their businesses. In the Senate, Mazie has used those principles as a guide to advance policies that conserve, protect, and preserve the lands and waters in and around our island state for future generations.

Mazie has fought back against the Trump administration’s attacks on common sense climate protections and other environmental regulations. She has also led the way in resisting Trump nominees – including Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke – who deny climate science, support exploiting our public lands for fossil fuel production, and oppose investments in a clean energy future.

Mazie recognizes that Hawaii’s leadership on clean energy is an opportunity to grow our economy and create good-paying jobs. She has introduced the 21st Century Energy Workforce Act to provide job training resources for Native Hawaiians, veterans, and others to gain the skills necessary to succeed in a clean energy economy.

As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Mazie has called for our country to follow Hawaii’s lead in enacting a national renewable energy standard, and supported policies and reforms that promote sustainable energy production. She has spoken out against the Trump administration’s executive order focused on increasing coal production, and voted against the Keystone XL pipeline and opening the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. She has been a strong advocate for additional federal resources to strengthen Hawaii’s ability to harness sustainable, locally-produced clean energy by investing in research and development by the U.S. military and other federal agencies in our state. Her Grid Modernization Act would provide resources for updating and improving our electricity systems and move away from dirty energy sources. Mazie has also fought to renew and preserve tax incentives for the production of clean energy while co-sponsoring legislation to take away the billions in tax benefits that Big Oil receives on a permanent basis.

Mazie believes that our National Parks and Refuge systems represent some of the most unique and beautiful areas in Hawaii and across the country and should be protected and accessible to all for generations to come. She supported President Obama’s creation of the Pacific Remote Islands and expansion of Papahanaumokuakea, and has since expressed concerns over attempts to roll back protections of these Marine National Monuments. During her time as lead Democrat on the National Parks Subcommittee, she emerged as a crucial voice critical of the Interior Department’s leadership under Trump, which has proposed deep budget cuts, marginalized professional career staff who are already overworked, and sought to raise entrance fees to our national parks. She has worked to shed light on the systemic sexual assault and harassment culture that exists within the National Parks System, and will continue to do so until it is eradicated.