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NEW AD: Sharla Tester Airs “Dirt” About Husband Jon

Billings—Sharla Tester is taking to the airwaves to tell the real story about her husband Jon, a third generation Montana farmer who isn’t afraid to get a little dirt underneath his fingernails.

In a statewide television ad released today, Sharla speaks to Jon’s honesty, integrity, and work ethic on the farm and in the Senate. As she flips through pages of their photo album she recalls when they first met as teenagers.



It’s not just the dirt underneath his fingernails that makes him unique in the Senate, it’s his character,” said Mrs. Tester in the ad. “Washington is a mess, but that’s not stopping Jon from working across the aisle to get things done for our state, and always staying true to where he came from.
Mrs. Tester

Sharla and Jon first met sitting in a church pew in north central Montana. They became high school sweethearts, and got married during Jon’s senior year at the University of Great Falls. The couple has three children and five grandchildren.