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Jon Tester Continues to Earn Top Marks from Montanans

April 19, 2023


Morning Consult: Tester “one of America’s most popular senators” with approval from 58% of Montana voters

– New reporting from independent news outlet Morning Consult found that Senator Jon Tester continues to be one of the most popular senators in America, with approval from 58% of Montana voters.

As the U.S. Senate’s only working dirt farmer and a third-generation Montanan, Jon has built a strong coalition of support that includes Republicans, Independents and Democrats across the state. Read more from Morning Consult:

Morning Consult: Red-State Voters Give Democrats Tester, Manchin Opposite Marks Ahead of 2024
By Eli Yokley
April 19, 2023

  • Surveys conducted between Jan. 1 and March 31 show that 58% of Montana voters approve of Tester’s job performance, making him one of America’s most popular senators.
  • When Tester announced his plans to run for re-election in February, his campaign highlighted his support among a “broad coalition of Montanans.” Tester has honed an outsider image despite his time in Washington, placing distance between himself and the national Democratic Party.
  • “That’s how you run in Montana: You run essentially by yourself and are authentic,” said Bill Lombardi, Tester’s former Senate office state director.
  • Tester boasts a notable distinction from other vulnerable incumbent Democrats: A good chunk of the people who disapprove of Biden’s job performance approve of his.
  • Among the 59% of Montanans who disapprove of Biden, 42% of them give Tester positive marks.
  • Tester’s “not an ideologue or super partisan, he’s a down to earth farmer,” Lombardi said. “He’s a populist. He’s got a libertarian streak in him.”